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.::*Beyond the Pale*::. [entries|friends|calendar]
.::*One-Eyed Jack*::.

I'm Manorexic

He's utterly sarcastic
aesthetically confused

He's unenthusiastic. Emotionally abused

He's thinks that

it's fantastic

I'd walk ten miles in his shoes

As I watch him disappearing. I know that it's not right

I love him completely

At least for tonight

I watch him disappearing.

I try to hold on tight

Once he sees a mirror

logic goes

down the


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Old Age [Tuesday,
November 14th 2006 12:11]
And I will await your highness
I'm so high I cannot walk
And I will await
You cripple
You take away my pride
My peace, my empathy
No babies sleep on atrophy
Your unborn love and fetal stress
Hard bitter candy, legless caress

What was she for Halloween?
The ugliest girl you've ever seen
Someday she will die alone

What was she for Valentine's?
An old forgotten concubine
Someday she will die for no one

She seems to me to know
All that glitters is sour
All the lies in her place
Jesus saves
Old age
Old age
Old age

It's okay to kill your idols
Just pretend you have no rivals
We all know that she is friendless

Spits at mirrors; it's not an issue
Just remove the hateful tissues
We all know her rage is endless

She seems to me to know
All that glitters is sour
All the lies in her place
Jesus saves
Old age
Old age
Old age
Old age

And then she begs and she says "Pretty please?
I'll make her pure again; I'll make her clean"

No one knows she's Hester Prynne
Someone please tell Anne Boleyn
Chokers are back in again

Someday she won't have to fake it
Living will itself seem sacred
Someday she will just refuse

She seems to me to know
All that glitters is sour
All the lies in her place
Jesus saves
Old age
Old age
Old age
Jesus saves
Old age

(Rest in pieces) I'm sorry
(Me in pieces) So sorry
(Rest in pieces) I'm sorry
(Me in pieces) So sorry
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FERN GULLY!! [Wednesday,
October 4th 2006 8:51]
I'm so gonna do a cover of this

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We tried so hard to build a happy Home Sweet Freedom... [Saturday,
September 23rd 2006 2:05]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Harbinger is really the best album no one knows about. Paula Cole's not the most popular artist, but her first album has something her following two doesn't. Plus, you really have to listen to it to understand This Fire. 

Rocky's tomarrow. Fun stuff cause I'm going to both shows. We handed out flyers for it yesterday at Farmer's and there was no reason to be insecure because everyone was dressed freakishly. 

I also had a date with Jeff yesterday. Second one with him. We went to the Japanese joint in the mall and he loved it. I thought he would. I couldn't date someone who doesn't dig sushi. I'm gonna see if we can catch a movie on Sunday. He's a horror nut too, but I don't think there's any in theaters right now. To gush about Jeff for a second: he's a genuinely nice guy. He seems like the kind of person people would gravitate twards because he always has something kind or funny to say. 

I'm also taking my G.E.D. on the 7th! Mom's taking me to register tomarrow morning cause she's the one paying for it ($107, yikes! And that's the CA resident's price). Given that I pass all five exams, I'll have my driver's lisence and faux-dipoma next month. Definitly something to be excited about! Then the only thing to worry about then would be a job and registering for junior college next semester. In the mean time I'm brushing up on my math and physics. ALWAYS hated physics. I couldn't imagine giving less of a shit why what goes up, in fact, comes down. Yeah, I suck at math, but that's at least practical. I still remember all the biology stuff though. Even still, I haven't been this hopeful for a while. Feels good : )

you know what you know
so you go 
break the terror of the urban spell

this alliance you say
'i'm on the threshold of greatness girl'
so you burn your pagoda
through the congo till there's
a broken bond
on the birth of the search
white trash my native son

it will all find its way in time

blossom, riot poof

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September 15th 2006 2:52]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hair is grey 
and the fires are burning
so many dreams 
on the shelf
You say, "I wanted you to be proud of me."

I always wanted that myself.

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yes. [Sunday,
September 10th 2006 12:24]
The Dwight Yoakam show was awesome.
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Hitler Heart cigarette, Am I safe here? I forget. [Wednesday,
September 6th 2006 2:27]
I'm going back to this:

Anyway, MySpace is down, so leave me sexy comments.
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Crocodile Hunted [Tuesday,
September 5th 2006 1:28]

If someone was playing with fire and they got burnt, would you feel sorry for them? Of course not. 

What happened to that Irwin douchebag was going to happen sooner or later. He was begging for it. Oh fucking well. For a while I actually was feeling sorry for the kids, but then I remembered how he pranced his year old son around a crocodile then I realized they're probably better off without him. Then he went on this huge tirade about "Oh, I was raised around crocs, mate. I'm a professional, mate. I had the whole situation under controle, MATE." Well, that's bullshit. 

In his entire career, how many times was he injured by an animal? And how many times were those situations under control? So now that he's actually been killed as a result of his skillfull controling of situations, of COURSE people are going to make fun of it! 

I can understand how actual fans of his would be depressed, but now that he's dead, I'm supposed to pretend he wasn't a condecending jerk? No. Fuck that.

When I die, especially if it's in a particularly funny way, I really hope people have a sense of humor about it. 

Darwin: 1
Irwin: 0

Long live natural selection.

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One of these days, Ann Coulter, POW! Straight to the moon! [Saturday,
August 12th 2006 1:29]

Oooooh, Ann...... Ann-Ann-Ann.....Annie-Ann-Ann-Ann...... Ann Coulter is the woman intelligent Americans love to hate. Author of such page-turners as Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right, How to Talk to A Liberal (If You Must), and most recently Godless: The Church of Liberalism. I couldn't find her credit for the Satanic Bible, but I'll get back to you if I find it. 

Anyone who knows her name, already knows she's the Anti-Christ. Coulter leaves people outraged and fascinated, both at the same time, and THAT is why I'm writing this. Because I know why. It's not only just a love-to-hate thing, like people are with Paris Hilton or George W. Bush. 

First, for those of you who don't know who she is, Coulter started her career as a private lawyer and worked her way up to being a legal corresponant for MSNBC, before being fired the next year because of an exchange with one Bobby Muller, president of the anti-war group "Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation." In responce to his claim that the land mines American soldiers stepped on were their own, she said, "No wonder you guys lost." 

To say this woman is "highly critical of the liberal point-of-view" is a vast understatement. This woman is Hitler in a dress-suit. There is absolutely nothing that comes out of her mouth that isn't bigotted diarreha, yet she she is so precosious (or stupid) and generally well-spoken that we have to keep watching. And it's in that respect that makes her different from, say, the Westboro Bapist Church or Beelzebub, even. She's does not lack book-smarts, as Fred Phelps does. She terrifies conservatives and publishers alike, but not liberals. Hmmm...that's very interesting. "But not liberals' you say?" YES! Here's an example....


On one occasion, during an appearance at University of Arizona a PIE was thrown at her, splattering her and causing $1,830 worth of damage to a stage backdrop. The two perpetrators were charged with criminal damage, and one of them later said, "we were throwing pies at her ideas, not at her." Ann notes that she was not hit by the pies, which were thrown by liberals who "throw like girls," and that the College Republican women in attendance "gave them a beating they won't forget."

THIS is my absolute favorite, because this dude asks a perfectly good, yet deliciously sarcastic, question and she goes apeshit:

At a February 23, 2006 appearance at Indiana University, Bloomington, in a speech entitled, "Liberals Are Wrong About Everything," she claimed, "Liberals hate God and hate America," and that there is no hope for the Democratic party. Her speech was frequently interrupted while protestors were removed. The school's newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student, reported that during the Q&A session, a young man asked her if she didn't like Democrats, wouldn't it just be better to have a dictatorship; Coulter replied: "You don't want the Republicans in power, does that mean you want a dictatorship, gay boy?"

Oh she hates the gays, and even thinks Bill Clinton is a latent homosexual, but I found this more outrageous. Ever hear of the Jersey Girls? Here's a memory refresh if you forgot: They were four women from Jersey who's husbands died on 9/11, and because they stood up against Bush, Coulter said this about them:

"These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis. These self-obsessed women seemed genuinely unaware that 9/11 was an attack on our nation and acted as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them. ... I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much ... the Democrat ratpack gals endorsed John Kerry for president ... cutting campaign commercials... how do we know their husbands weren't planning to divorce these harpies? Now that their shelf life is dwindling, they'd better hurry up and appear in Playboy"

And of course she hates Arabs and Muslims:

She wrote in her column that she had reviewed the civil rights lawsuits against certain airlines to determine which airlines had subjected Arabs to the most, "egregious discrimination," so that she could fly only that airline. She also said that the airline should be bragging instead of denying any of the charges of discrimination brought against them. In an interview with the British Guardian newspaper, she quipped, "I think airlines ought to start advertising: 'We have the most civil rights lawsuits brought against us by Arabs.'" When asked what Muslims should do for travel, she responded that they, "could use flying carpets."

Alright, enough quoting, here's my point: The reason everyone is so in love with her moter-mouth is because, deep down, the reason why they're paying so close attention is they know, sooner than later, someone is going to haul off and break her jaw. And I will be there to see it happen.

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you can laugh. it's kind of funny: the things you think in times like these [Friday,
August 4th 2006 12:55]
[ mood | Not Here. ]

I'm never getting a ride from Kevin, getting drunk, or flirting with anyone I don't know ever again.

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I'm all right....I'm just gagging on all the all right [Wednesday,
July 26th 2006 6:01]
[ mood | cheerful ]

My new layout is beeeeeeaauuutiful! I'm in love with myself.

Jess (<lj-user=_zombielove_>) and David and I are going to see The Sounds again at the Wiltern on the 19th. If anyone else is going tell me so I can look for you. This time, I'll hogtie Jesper and he'll be mine. I'm also gonna hang out with Danny (<lj-user=flyingdutchman>) for a while.

It's time to drop some weight again. I'm going back down to 130. Let's see if I can drop it before the show. 24 days is more than enough. I just need to get off my ass and start running again. Oh! That reminds me! I'm in the process of quitting the cigs! Yesterday I only had 5. Usually I have around 25 a day. That's more than a pack a day. The withdrawl is a bitch, but my breathing has improved ten-fold. That means I can run again. I miss running, it made me feel great. Plus I want those sexy muscley calves I had a year ago.

I'll be able to get my lisence Oct. 22. I'll probably have a car before then too. Now I just need a job to pay for it. I'm tired of not working. It's not the working thing that I don't like, it's the "getting a job" thing I hate. Everytime I don't get a callback my motivation goes lower and lower, so I gotta stop that. The parents are going to be nice and pay for my GED, which is $107.00. Right now, there aren't any dates posted for the next test, so I have to call and find out. But it's what I'm going to do, cause let's be honest with ourselves: I'm not going to finish adult ed. So it's just a day of testing, given I pass all the tests, which I will (except for math, I'd have to study for that or get a tutor), then I'd have it over with. Instant results.

I'm also going to go platinum. I'd have to dye the eyebrows cause it'd look funny if I didn't. Get my hair cut. All that loveliness. I'm tired of cutting my own hair.

So, to-do list this month:

[1] Drop 20lbs in 24 days
[2] Get my hair not looking bummish
[3] Continue applying for jobs (Moody Brews is hiring!)
[4] Continue cutting back on the cigs until I don't need them
[5] Call Hancock and find out when their next testing day is
[6] Jog every morning again, because it makes me feel great

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this is important [Sunday,
July 23rd 2006 1:14]
For all of you LiveJournalers that are still around, you need to watch this. It's for the betterment of your health. 

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This is SHIT! [Tuesday,
July 11th 2006 7:50]
Know what's lame? You can't even put quizes on LJ anymore. FUCK YOU LiveJournal!! Fuck you now and FOREVER!!

I want my god damn CODES back! They took all this shit away, and what do you we get? OOOOOOO! More user pics! That really makes up for the fact I have to live with a shitty journal. Eat my ass, LJ. Eat it with a golden spoon.
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July 10th 2006 3:57]

I'm going to make a new layout. 
Something that doesn't look like shit.
But it's liveJournal.
So don't expect much.

I found the greatest thing in the world today.
Tom Waits drunkenly recieting "Jabberwocky"
And when I say 'drunkenly'

I'm going to get started on that layout now.

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July 8th 2006 5:50]
I'm in love with this girl. She will be mine. Along with Bryan Singer.

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June 26th 2006 11:01]
A Letter From Barbie

Dear Santa,

Listen you fat little troll, I've been helping you out every year, playing at being the perfect Christmas present, wearing skimpy bathing suits in frigid weather, and drowning in fake tea from one too many tea parties, and I hate to break it to ya Santa, but IT'S DEFINITELY PAYBACK TIME! There had better be some changes around here this Christmas, or I'm gonna call for a nationwide meltdown (and trust me, you won't wanna be around to smell it).

So, here's my holiday wish list, Santa:

1. A nice, comfy pair of sweat pants and a frumpy, oversized sweatshirt. I'm sick of looking like a hooker. How much smaller are these bathing suits gonna get? Do you have any idea what it feels like to have nylon and velcro crawling up your butt?

2. Real underwear that can be pulled on and off. Preferably white. What bonehead at Mattel decided to cheap out and MOLD imitation underwear to my skin? (It looks like cellulite);

3. A REAL man...maybe GI Joe. Hell, I'd take Tickle-Me Elmo over that wimped-out excuse for a boyfriend Ken. And what's with that earring anyway? If I'm gonna have to suffer with him, at least make him (and me) anatomically correct;

4. Arms that actually bend so I can push the aforementioned Ken-wimp away once he is anatomically correct;

5. Breast reduction surgery. I don't care whose arm you have to twist, just get it done;

6. A sports bra. To wear until I get the surgery.

7. A new career. Pet doctor and school teacher just don't cut it. How about a systems analyst? Or better yet, an advertising account exec or even a Buyer at Ford Motor Company for goodness sake!

8. A new, more '90s look. "Animal Rights Barbie", with my very own paint gun, outfitted with a fake fur coat and handcuffs; or "Stop Smoking Barbie", sporting a removable Nicotrol patch and equipped with several packs of gum; Or "Divorce Barbie" and package me with all of Ken's belongings.

9. No more McDonald's endorsements. The grease is wrecking my vinyl;

10. Mattel stock options. It's been 37 years--I think I deserve it.

Ok, Santa, that's it. Considering my valuable contribution to society, I don't think these requests are out of line. If you disagree, then you can find yourself a new bimbo doll for next Christmas. It's that simple.

Yours truly, Barbie

Dreamhouse Malibu, CA

*Ken's Letter To Santa
Dear Santa,

I understand that one of my colleagues has petitioned you for changes in her contract, specifically asking for anatomical and career changes. In addition, it is my understanding that disparaging remarks were made about me, my ability to please, and some of my fashion choices.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some of issues concerning Ms. Barbie, and some of my own needs and desires.

First of all, I along with several other colleagues feel Barbie DOES NOT deserve preferential treatment - the bitch has everything. I, along with Joe, Jem, Raggedy Ann & Andy, DO NOT have a dreamhouse, corvette, evening gowns, and in some cases, the ability to change our hair style. I personally have only 3 outfits which I am forced to mix and match at great length. My decision to accessorize my outfits with an earring was my decision and reflects my lifestyle choice.

I too would like a change in career. Have you ever considered "Decorator Ken", "Beauty Salon Ken", or "Out of work Actor Ken?" In addition, there are several other avenues which could be considered such as: "S & M Ken" "Green Lantern Ken" "Circuit Ken" "Bear Ken" "Master Ken." These would more accurately reflect my desires and perhaps open up new markets.

And as for Barbie needing bendable arms so she can "push me away," I need bendable knees so I can kick the bitch to the curb. Bendable knees would also be helpful for me in other situations - we've talked about this issue before.

In closing, I would like to point out that any further concessions to the blonde bimbo from hell will result in action be taken by myself and others. And Barbie can forget about having Joe - he's mine.


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June 9th 2006 4:24]
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repost from myspace. I know I'll never get comments, but what the hell? [Monday,
May 29th 2006 12:49]
It's kind of sad no one uses LiveJournal anymore. I've been checking my friends page everyday and no one's updated for over a week

I've been on a veggie kick for the last two weeks, no desire for meat, which isn't out of character, seeings as how I didn't eat meat that much to begin with. I might even go vegan after a little while. But I'm definitly cutting out dairy. Yuuuuck.

I have seven job applications to drop off. Most of the people I picked them up from sounded like they really needed people. So callbacks are inevitable.

Before you read this, I have to let everyone know that this part of the blog isn't about any one person in particular, it's just about everyone. Not about anyone, but about everyone. Yeah, I know...

It seems I've obtained a reputation for being a "slut", "whore", "promiscuous", etc. of course, I'm well aware of this and it wouldn't piss me off as much if these people would realize I haven't been a slut/whore/promiscuous for about 3 years.

Many people go through a promiscuous stage, I'm no different. It seems the only difference is I've never thought of it as shameful or dirty. I absolutely hate the word 'slut' because that's exactly what is suggests. I also think calling a woman a slut is sexism at it's worst. I'm for the ladies, I'm a ladyist, and in my opinion, nothing hurts as much as a double standard. Obviously, the double standard in question here is heterosexual men calling a women sluts.

The other day I was talking to a straight friend of mine about where he should take his date out, seeing as he had little money. Jokingly, I said, "The parking-lot." Instead of aknowledging it as a joke he said, "I wouldn't date a girl like that." This peaked my interest, because I knew what he ment. Naturally, I played koy and asked what he ment. "Because that's slutty." Rather than trying to make him see it the way I see it, which I have a tendancy to do, I kept my thoughts to myself.

What's funny is men, especially amoung other men, are supposed to want sex all the time. We don't. Women, especially amoung other women, it seems they aren't supposed to like sex at all. They do. This would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic.

Who here thinks their sex-life is none's buisness, but their own? Right, everybody. But when it comes to someone else's sex-life, all ears are turned in their direction, then the judgement comes and everyone pins them as The Slut. It disgusts me. It's hypocritical.

Anyways, I'm all over the place with this. I'm digressing from what was originally being said. What confuses me is how someone, who doesn't even know a person, can label them as, basically, 'tainted' when they don't know their personal day-to-day life.

Ok, so, yeah. For a good while, I was promiscuous. 'Was' being the operative word. I'm not ashamed, and I certainly don't see it as dirty. This stuff follows me everywhere, with everyone I knew/know. It was my decision, and mine alone, so these people have absolutely no place to say, "If I were you, I would have done it differently." Well, you weren't, and I was living my life the best way I knew how. Promiscuousness is just a distraction from other problems going on in that person's life, people need to recognize that rather than damning them for having intercourse.

That's not me anymore, it hasn't been for a long time, and it never will be again. So, in conclusion, I turn your snide comments back onto you. You need to own the fact that, A: It's shallow to see someone for what they do, rather than why they're doing it, B: You're propelling the same social patriarchal mores that has kept everyone ashamed and dirty for hundreds of years, C: It's utterly hypocritical to pass judgement on someone's sexuality, and ultimately, you're not only hurting that person, you're hurting yourself.

I will never condone one-night-stands. Not because it's a 'dirty' thing, but because it's dangerous. It's physically dangerous and psychologically dangerous. Sex isn't the problem, it's the fact that not only does the "slut label" follow someone around for a very long time, but it breaks them down. For what? To maintain your ignorrance and keep a closed mind to what may actually ease your concience.

As I post this, I know it will set my "slut" label in stone, because that's just the way people are. "He doesn't think sex is dirty? BURN THE WITCH!" I accept that, but hopefully people will realize refering to someone as a 'slut' makes them the only 'whore'.
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Cane my neck and scratch my name [Friday,
May 19th 2006 12:44]
How to make a Little Cory Gorey

3 parts intelligence

3 parts silliness

5 parts energy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of sadness
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'Dear Jane' letter to my LiveJournal [Saturday,
May 6th 2006 7:32]
[ mood | happy ]

My Dearest LiveJournal,

I'm sorry I've neglected you. I know this might be hard to understand, and please don't be hurt, but...I've met another website. Her name is MySpace and we just...clicked. It wasn't planned. I know this must have come as a shock to you, but I believe this is for the best and I know you'll move on and find another journaler who will post in you often and make you feel pretty by giving you a better layout.

MySpace offers me things that you just can't...a picture gallery, bullitons, and my very own display song. Do you know how long it's been since I've have a comment with you? Everytime I post in you, I have to fake my comments. With MySpace, I don't have to fake my comments. I have multiple comments with her. Multiple, mindblowing comments. I never knew I could feel this way about another website.

I also have a confession to make. I've only been using you for your friends page. I know, it sounds horrible, and I'm sorry, but your friends page is the only thing you have going for you. It's not healthy for either of us to go on with this charade. You know it and I know it: This can't work. I wish you the best and I will probably post in you again from time to time, but MySpace and I are moving in together.

Best Wishes,
Cory <333

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Ranting [Friday,
March 31st 2006 10:42]
So yeah, some people are just jerks. And others flip-flop more than the footwear of the same same. And some...are both. Thanks for nothing, prick.

I got a really really nice message from Tairyn's Aunt this morning. I miss her so much.

And that's all.
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