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We tried so hard to build a happy Home Sweet Freedom...

Harbinger is really the best album no one knows about. Paula Cole's not the most popular artist, but her first album has something her following two doesn't. Plus, you really have to listen to it to understand This Fire. 

Rocky's tomarrow. Fun stuff cause I'm going to both shows. We handed out flyers for it yesterday at Farmer's and there was no reason to be insecure because everyone was dressed freakishly. 

I also had a date with Jeff yesterday. Second one with him. We went to the Japanese joint in the mall and he loved it. I thought he would. I couldn't date someone who doesn't dig sushi. I'm gonna see if we can catch a movie on Sunday. He's a horror nut too, but I don't think there's any in theaters right now. To gush about Jeff for a second: he's a genuinely nice guy. He seems like the kind of person people would gravitate twards because he always has something kind or funny to say. 

I'm also taking my G.E.D. on the 7th! Mom's taking me to register tomarrow morning cause she's the one paying for it ($107, yikes! And that's the CA resident's price). Given that I pass all five exams, I'll have my driver's lisence and faux-dipoma next month. Definitly something to be excited about! Then the only thing to worry about then would be a job and registering for junior college next semester. In the mean time I'm brushing up on my math and physics. ALWAYS hated physics. I couldn't imagine giving less of a shit why what goes up, in fact, comes down. Yeah, I suck at math, but that's at least practical. I still remember all the biology stuff though. Even still, I haven't been this hopeful for a while. Feels good : )

you know what you know
so you go 
break the terror of the urban spell

this alliance you say
'i'm on the threshold of greatness girl'
so you burn your pagoda
through the congo till there's
a broken bond
on the birth of the search
white trash my native son

it will all find its way in time

blossom, riot poof
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