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Crocodile Hunted

If someone was playing with fire and they got burnt, would you feel sorry for them? Of course not. 

What happened to that Irwin douchebag was going to happen sooner or later. He was begging for it. Oh fucking well. For a while I actually was feeling sorry for the kids, but then I remembered how he pranced his year old son around a crocodile then I realized they're probably better off without him. Then he went on this huge tirade about "Oh, I was raised around crocs, mate. I'm a professional, mate. I had the whole situation under controle, MATE." Well, that's bullshit. 

In his entire career, how many times was he injured by an animal? And how many times were those situations under control? So now that he's actually been killed as a result of his skillfull controling of situations, of COURSE people are going to make fun of it! 

I can understand how actual fans of his would be depressed, but now that he's dead, I'm supposed to pretend he wasn't a condecending jerk? No. Fuck that.

When I die, especially if it's in a particularly funny way, I really hope people have a sense of humor about it. 

Darwin: 1
Irwin: 0

Long live natural selection.

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