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I'm all right....I'm just gagging on all the all right

My new layout is beeeeeeaauuutiful! I'm in love with myself.

Jess (<lj-user=_zombielove_>) and David and I are going to see The Sounds again at the Wiltern on the 19th. If anyone else is going tell me so I can look for you. This time, I'll hogtie Jesper and he'll be mine. I'm also gonna hang out with Danny (<lj-user=flyingdutchman>) for a while.

It's time to drop some weight again. I'm going back down to 130. Let's see if I can drop it before the show. 24 days is more than enough. I just need to get off my ass and start running again. Oh! That reminds me! I'm in the process of quitting the cigs! Yesterday I only had 5. Usually I have around 25 a day. That's more than a pack a day. The withdrawl is a bitch, but my breathing has improved ten-fold. That means I can run again. I miss running, it made me feel great. Plus I want those sexy muscley calves I had a year ago.

I'll be able to get my lisence Oct. 22. I'll probably have a car before then too. Now I just need a job to pay for it. I'm tired of not working. It's not the working thing that I don't like, it's the "getting a job" thing I hate. Everytime I don't get a callback my motivation goes lower and lower, so I gotta stop that. The parents are going to be nice and pay for my GED, which is $107.00. Right now, there aren't any dates posted for the next test, so I have to call and find out. But it's what I'm going to do, cause let's be honest with ourselves: I'm not going to finish adult ed. So it's just a day of testing, given I pass all the tests, which I will (except for math, I'd have to study for that or get a tutor), then I'd have it over with. Instant results.

I'm also going to go platinum. I'd have to dye the eyebrows cause it'd look funny if I didn't. Get my hair cut. All that loveliness. I'm tired of cutting my own hair.

So, to-do list this month:

[1] Drop 20lbs in 24 days
[2] Get my hair not looking bummish
[3] Continue applying for jobs (Moody Brews is hiring!)
[4] Continue cutting back on the cigs until I don't need them
[5] Call Hancock and find out when their next testing day is
[6] Jog every morning again, because it makes me feel great
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